Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raw Skin

Raw Skin Magazine - 1971

63 pages- fully intact.

Though pretty tame by todays standards, this stuff was considered really hardcore for the time. Full on beaver shots way before more mainstream mags like Hustler showed any pink. Also, the whopping $4.00 price tag with an almost total lack of advertisements tells us that this was only available at those dirty 'adult' stores and certainly not on the shelf at the local magazine stand or grocery store.

This ones in really good shape for it's age.
Some old pervert took good care of it for a long time and really got his moneys worth.

Scanned exactly as is.
The pages may seem out of order for a bit i the middle there, but that's exactly the way it's layed out. I didn't change a thing about it.

Enjoy! ...and share it if you can.

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